Purchasing a Jewelry Box for a Young Girl

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Just about every lady remembers receiving their very first jewelry box as a young girl. More than likely it was made of inexpensive fiberboard or paper wrapped in shiny pink or gloss white laminate. However the exterior was much less important than the interior. When lid came up, the box played beautiful story book rhymes while a dazzling ballerina put on a exceptional performance to the on-looking audience. It's no wonder that those boxes didn't last all that long. In a short time the ballerina showed her age and stopped putting on those daily performances. Remembering those times it is best to invest a little bit of money and get a box that will last a life time and can be handed down to the next generation.

How to Choose a Jewelry Box for a Girl

There are millions of retailers that sell jewelry containers both locally in your area as well as online at specialty merchants. There a few things you should look for when picking out the perfect box. You will want to purchase a piece that is sturdy and well built. You will want a functional piece for her store secret treasures as well as pieces that she will receive over her early childhood years.

Size: Most jewelry boxes for little girls are usually 6 inches in length or less. Many will have a single lift out lid a storage compartment underneath and a single drawer. Typically musical boxes and ballerina boxes will have a hidden mechanical unit underneath. Keep in mind the amount of jewelry your little girl has and exactly where she might place the box in her room.

The Exterior: Better quality jewelry boxes for young girls are usually made of solid wood, quality veneers or leather. You will want an exterior finish that will stand up to the daily use and wear and tear of a young child. The hinges should be either a quality dual hinge or a long piano hinge made of brass, stainless steel or a quality metal. The lid should open easily and stay open, it should be easy to close as well.

The Interior: Most better quality jewelry boxes will be lined in faux velvet or a suede like material. Some of the linings will be treated with anti tarnish chemicals and will be noted as such. Beware of pieces that are lined with paper or cardboard. Either of these linings will come unglued overtime and will not hold up well in warmer or humid environments. If you choose a ballerina jewelry box the ballerina mechanism should be high quality and the ballerina should spring back consistently.

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