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On those steamy summer days when no matter what you drink it is not enough to satisfy your thirst, the one drink that many will tell you will help is iced tea. The best way to make this is by using an iced tea maker. There are many brands of this kind of machine that will work for you. They will be able to use either loose tea leaves or tea bags depending on your personal preference. They will be able to be made as strong or weak as you prefer and sweetened to your taste. It will also automatically shut-off when the iced tea is done so that it does not keep brewing your tea until it is overdone. As well, many machines have timers so that you can set them to begin brewing while you are on your way home. That way you have your favorite cold drink waiting for you when you walk in the door.

Although India is the biggest consumer of tea worldwide the United States is the biggest consumer of iced tea in the world. Americans drink nearly eighty five percent of their tea as iced tea. While for years, sweetened tea has been the cold beverage of choice for many parts of the country, unsweet tea has gained a lot of momentum the last decade or so, as people look for ways to cut out excess sugar from their diets. It is so prevalent a drinking habit that when tourists come to visit they often wind up with iced tea even though they may have been thinking in terms of a nice cup of hot tea. This is especially true in the Deep South of the United States, where having iced tea on hand is absolutely necessary before receiving guests into a home or food establishment. Fortunately, more people are thinking in terms of featuring both hot and cold tea on the menu, which helps to take some of the confusion out of the process, even for persons not familiar with local custom. In any event, the iced tea maker has become quite a hot kitchen appliance in a number of homes and small businesses around the country.

Many people will make their iced tea in a large pitcher after boiling the water to make the tea. Then they add their ingredients, ice, sugar, lemon and whatever else they like and then stir. But with an ice tea maker the process is faster and the results are better. You put the tea, ice and water into the machine and in a few minutes you have iced tea to your liking. At the same time you can put the sugar in and this way you will have it sweetened the way you prefer. These iced tea machines are not expensive and if you enjoy drinking a lot of iced tea, or have a family that does or maybe you like to entertain guests who do; this is the easiest and quickest way to make quality iced tea.
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