6 Ways You Can Be More Intimate With Your Partner

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I see a lot of things in my practice, but a recurring theme during couples sessions, is that need for their partner's physical touch and the link this has to feelings of support, love, and trust.
This touch, even during conflict, has the ability to help our bodies regulate, and feel safe.
Linked arms (typically woman linking her arm through the man's), can be typical during an entrance, and can symbolize support, bond, and an "us against the world" mentality that can strengthen how a couple sees themselves.
This establishes that a couple is unit.
Holding hands seems simplistic and somewhat juvenile to some, but as couples become more comfortable with this, they realize the impact and change that occurs on their walks together.
Intertwining fingers and walking along a city street, nature, or the beach can create a closeness in sharing the subjective experience of the moment with one another, and seeing beauty through one set of eyes.
Doing this out in the world and doing this in front of your friends can prompt different responses.
The world tend to idealize hand-holding romance and movie-like scenes, but our interpersonal relationships tend to feel excluded and uncomfortable, and understanding the environment is important for people to remember.
Knee touches mid-conversation, can be very powerful, and I always point this out during my sessions as a positive.
Touching a knee, a shoulder, an ear, or forearm is an intimate act.
The people we know in most areas of life, would never invade our personal space to touch, but this person can.
This simple act of touch can be a representation of the walls that have now come down, and newfound trust that has been established.
It also lets the person speaking know that they are engaged, and have issued permission for them to continue.
It has been well documented that touch has a very positive physical response on the human body, so we can imagine positives would be increased when this touch comes from the person we value the most.
Rubbing someone's back or gently massaging, can feed the need for closeness.
Many couples can see benefit in this exercise.
Aside from benefits of a good back rub or massage (who doesn't need that?), this continues to promote physical touch, which as stated earlier, has a very positive emotional effect on the human body.
Another positive, is that massage requires the removal of clothes and skin to skin touch.
For many, this can be an arousing experience, that can quickly escalate and heat up romantically.
Giving a hug from behind, when it is least expected.
This brings a smile to most faces.
Surprise is a human emotion often sought out in amusement parks, and movies.
A big hug from behind is an unprompted expression of love, that is usually for no other reason than, "you are you", and how often does that happen in our lives? 6.
Blowing into their ear.
This seems very high school, but people did this for a reason, and that's because it has the ability to drive us crazy in such a simple way.
For some reason that stops as adults, but why? Next time you partner gives you a kiss, make a move for the ear, and see what happens.
While sex is amazing, intimacy can come in much smaller packages if we are open to looking for the opportunities.
Everything starts somewhere, so give it a shot.
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