When Nature Strikes Back

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Nature has its way of striking back at the humanities abusive ways.
And we have no defense against these natural disasters.
Natural disasters are dooming our earth and we have not yet taken serious actions for these changes.
What are the things we must take heed in a simple and plain action to make impact on earth's changes and to prevent disasters from plaguing our earth.
Start from simple things in your home Boys scout and Girls scout are good at these actions.
And we have been these little kids during our days but the lessons learned were also forgotten.
What are the simple things an adult can do to make a difference in our mother earth? Follow the strict rules in your community about waste segregation Teach your children to properly throw their garbage Discipline your household members of proper waste segregation Do not use products that contributes to the earth's pollution Use and support recyclable materials because these are the by-products of the materials you segregated from waste As much as possible do not cook or prepare food more than what your family can eat because tendency on the left over food will go to waste.
Plant flowers, vegetables or trees in your backyard to help filter the earth's pollution and for future prevention of flood.
Be active on fight against earth's destructions There are many advocacies for support on mother earth's survival.
These advocacies are aimed to help the future generation to have a safe and haven earth on their time.
We may not yet experience the illness of our actions although trying calamities has already strike, the future generations for sure will experience this.
Our support for advocacies against pollution and other destruction to our earth will also armed us of knowledge of what will be the outcome of our earth if we do not do something.
Be aware of your surroundings Sometimes we're too busy to even think of these warnings.
But in reality the nature has its warnings already and we must be observant of these changes.
Like the movie "2012", while a few knew of the doomsday, the ones who are keen of these changes knew way ahead that calamities will strike.
And if we are too busy to even bother we will be one of those many who will suffer in the end.
Be prepared as always We maybe prepared physically, but spiritually we must know where we are going after all these disasters.
In the end no matter how prepared you are but emotionally and spiritually you lack prayers and providence from the creator your doomsday will really come.
Prepare yourself by being grateful and loving to your family and to the people around you.
Prayer is still the effective means of preparation for every change-good or bad-that will happen.
Nature has its own way of collection its due from the people who uses and abuses mother earth.
And we must be prepared to give back mother earth's supplies.
Our simple actions of goodness and consideration to the earth will pay back with goodness as well.
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