Be the Most Confident Girl - How to Stand Out and Attract the Man of Your Dreams

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Is a lack of confidence affecting your love life? Is anxiety causing you to get less dates? Do you have low self-esteem? If so, you are not alone.
But there is something you can do about it! Just a few simple steps can help you to become the most confident girl in the room.
Poll after poll shows that the women are attracted to a confident man.
Did you know, however, that men feel the same about women? Just as women are attracted to the guy confidently sitting at the bar scanning the room, rather than the one hiding in the corner, so too are men attracted to the confident woman.
If you aren't that confident woman, here are a few tips that can help you become her: Step 1: Improve your self-image.
Research shows that pessimists tend to focus on all of the negative things in their life.
Why not focus on the good things? We all have our strengths.
Perhaps you are a successful businesswoman.
Or you have a marvelous sense of humor.
Or you run marathons.
Focus on these accomplishments.
Remember these are all admirable accomplishments and traits men find attractive.
Step 2: Know What You Want Sitting in the corner of the bar hoping-and maybe even fearing!--just any guy will talk with you is a sure self-esteem killer.
Know what type of guy you are looking for.
Is there a specific look you are attracted to? Do you like guys with a great sense of humor? Look for these type of guys yourself.
And don't be afraid to gently say no to a guy who doesn't fit the bill.
This isn't being mean-you're doing both of you a favor.
Nothing hurts our confidence more than feeling rejected by a guy you never really wanted in the first place.
Step 3: Bone up on your flirting and dating skills There's nothing like a little success to put an end to all those negative thoughts that bring down our self-esteem.
Make sure you look and smell your best.
Work out, eat right, get enough rest, especially before a big social event.
Learn-and practice!--all of the subtleties of flirting.
Remember to make eye contact and smile.
Remembering your accomplishments, what it is you are looking for, and making sure to present yourself at your best are just a few steps that can help you to improve your self-esteem and become more confident in your dating life.
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