The 3 Biggest Mistakes Men Make With Cunnilingus

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You have the potential to give your woman, or any woman, the most mind-blowing orgasms she has ever had.
Using only your tongue! It's a statistical fact that 83% of women enjoy good oral sex - good cunnilingus - even better than penetrative sex, so every man really must learn how to give good cunnilingus.
Notice that it's Good oral sex they love, not just any oral sex.
So many guys think any old licking and any old preparation is OK, but that is definitely not true.
Here are the three biggest mistakes men make when going down on a woman.
Make sure you don't make them too...
Mistake Number One - No foreplay
A woman's body is extremely delicate, and while incredibly sensitive and responsive to stimulus, all women are turned on equally by their mind, and gradually, bit by bit.
Unlike men, who tend to be more on / off like a light switch.
Because of this if you want to give the best cunnilingus possible, take the time to prepare her properly.
Imagine her body and mind get turned on gradually through grades.
Like an oven dial that goes from 0 to 10.
If you just dive right in without getting her in the mood, it's too much for her.
And it's not necessarily a turn on for her, if her mind isn't in the right place.
Begin the evening with romance, and sensual focus.
With good food, candles, incense.
Then with something sensual before sexual.
Such as a massage, or a warm, soapy bath.
These first steps are bringing her dial up from 0 to 4/5/6.
Then foreplay - I know oral sex itself is considered foreplay, but it's not.
You should spend a great deal of time kissing her, running your hands over her, turning her on in every way she loves before you pay any attention to her vagina.
This will bring her up to 7/8/9, and then she is truly ready.
Mistake Two - Licking the Clitoris Too Soon
The magic clitoris is the most sensitive part of the vagina by far, and it's because of this that you shouldn't move to stimulate it with your tongue right from go - it can be too sensitive.
And it will usually be covered by the protective clitoral hood until she is sufficiently turned on and the hood pulls back.
But most men don't know this and go straight on in there, like it's a simple orgasm button to be pushed.
This can be distracting for the woman, and you're missing out on so much potential for giving pleasure with the rest of the vagina.
Take your time pleasuring all of the vagina first.
Really enjoy it, she will love you for it.
Gradually move up and finally focus your attention on the clitoris.
Then play with her and build it up and up and up until she orgasms.
But whatever you do don't...
Mistake Three - Ask Her if She's Orgasmed
Never, never ask a woman if she has cum yet.
It puts the whole thing in a very bad place and will make her conscious that that is your goal.
Women like to lose themselves in the pleasure and not feel any pressure to reach some sort of goal, such as orgasming.
If she begins to think about it too much she might get distracted from enjoying the moment.
Try to make the aim just giving her pleasure, for the sake of giving her pleasure.
Because you love it.
And if you want to know if she's cum or not.
Perhaps you're not quite sure.
There are ways, such as inserting one finger into her vagina, the entrance of which flutters and contracts involuntarily when a woman orgasms.
Just paying attention to these three common mistakes, and staying clear of them, will make you 100% better and a master of the fine art of cunnilingus.
Your woman will thank you for it!
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