Chinese Singletons in Quest for Love in Hong Kong

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Successful Chinese ladies in their 30s are looking for husbands in Hong Kong, who aren't turned off by their age and wealth. Alice Xiao, is attractive confident woman in late 30s. She earns about 50.000 HKD a month. Not every man makes that much money and has such luxurious apartment. Alice believes that the reason she is still single is that men are intimidated by her successful career and apartment.

She has tried matchmaking services in the US, but the result was pretty much the same as. That is how she ended up hiring a relationship coach back. As it seems the reason of all her troubles was deep inside her.

A well-known relationship coach in Hong Kong, Victoria, confirms that successful women do struggle to find a husband. Yet many women fall in love and get married. Working with single ladies, Victoria experienced that most of these successful single women have a few destructive beliefs that keep them away from entering into relationship and being happily married.

Her client Alice says: "Men don't like successful women". And this is the most popular destructive belief women have. Victoria, a relationship coach in Hong Kong, suggests that men actually appreciate independent successful women. Men in Hong Kong don't feel intimidated by wealth or success, but because some women try to compete with them. Such women try to show that they are more successful, more intelligent than their dates. During relationship coaching in Hong Kong, Victoria teaches women that competition is good for business and not for relationship. There is a great old saying: "If you want to be a queen, treat your man like a king". So perhaps, if wealthy ladies change their behavior and attitude towards men, they will have much more chances to meet the one. Good men don't care how much money you have into your bank account, or how many sales you've made, or your career. Men love women for who they are, with their advantages and disadvantages. Men find confident women very attractive. But even more attractive is vulnerability. Men do appreciate when strong successful women show their vulnerable side, which we all have. Successful career can help you to meet quality men, but femininity helps you to attract those men. Let them look after you and be grateful. Isn't this what you are looking for?

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