How to Clean a Small Dog's Teeth

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    • 1). Allow your dog to sniff and even taste the toothpaste. Use a veterinarian approved toothpaste. Do not use baking soda, or human toothpaste. Try picking a toothpaste with a flavor that will be appealing to your dog such as chicken or peanut butter.

    • 2). Pick a smaller toothbrush that is sized appropriately for your small dog's mouth. You can also use toothbrush gloves, finger toothbrushes or gauze.

    • 3). Stick the toothbrush with a small amount of toothpaste in your dog's mouth. Gently wipe it along your dog's gum line, holding the brush at a 45 degree angle and moving in small circular motions, ending in a downward swipe on each tooth. Start with the upper back teeth area and always brush one area at a time. Work from the back of the mouth to the front. You may not be able to brush all your dog's teeth on the first attempt, but you can work your way up to it.

    • 4). Reward your dog after each brushing. This can be a treat, walk or any of your dog's favored activities. Consistent rewarding after each brushing will help your dog develop a tolerance for the activity.

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