Learn About The Basics of Basement Dehumidifier

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How could people keep their basement dry? Here is my trick. With correct air conditioning, a basement should be basically dry under a good amount of of the conditions. However, because of the lack of knowledge or horrible design of basement, many of the basements we saw are prone to humidity. Above average level of humidity is a major cause of mold and mildew, especially when you have tons of old magazines and clothing stored. It is not uncommon to find out mold and mildew growing across your place as the humidity level is above 45%. You should also keep in mind that high humidity level will also accelerate wood rot. Let's face it. If you any of your family members has allergies, keeping your basement dry is basically "necessary" to keep your loved one away from the toxic mold and mildew.

What is the first thing you should do to combat mold? A good basement dehumidifier is no doubt going to help. But before you start searching for a basement dehumidifier, try to figure out the main reason that causes the high humidity in your basement and find the solution respectively. One common problem is that people try to make their basement an isolated zone with extremely different temperature. You should always keep in mind that to keep your basement has the same temperature as the rest of your house is a crucial step in fighting mold.

After you have done everything possible to remove moisture on your basement, and you still think you need a basement dehumidifier, the following buying tips maybe helpful.

First, measure the cubic footage of your basement so that you are not getting a dehumidifier that is too big to fit in. Then you may want to decide whether you would like to get the dehumidifier installed permanently or temporarily. Some basement dehumidifiers are much noisier than others, you may want to ask for a throughout demonstration in the shop before your purchase.

Last thing I want to mention is you should never assume that having a dehumidifier will solve all your problems. It is true that having a good basement dehumidifier is going to help a lot, but maintenance is also required to keep your basement dry.

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