How to Patch a Water Bed Mattress

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    Locate the Leak

    • 1). Use a towel to soak up the water that has leaked from the bed into the frame or mattress casing.

    • 2). Put paper towels around the area that you think is leaking, then apply pressure to the mattress for a few minutes and check the paper towels to see where the water is leaking.

    • 3). Circle the leak with a marker so you can easily locate it for patching.

    Patching the Leak

    • 1). Remove the cap and the plug insert from the water bed mattress. On most water bed mattresses, the cap is located at the foot of the bed on the top of the mattress. The plug insert sits under the cap to block the water.

    • 2). Allow air into the mattress to create a bubble, then replace the plug insert and cap and push the bubble to the leak you are patching.

    • 3). Dry the area that you are patching by wiping it with a towel.

    • 4). Cut a small piece of vinyl from a vinyl repair kit and use the supplied glue to affix it over the hole. Allow the patch to sit for about five hours before putting any pressure on the bed.

    • 5). Remove the cap and plug insert and remove the air bubble. Replace the cap and plug insert.

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