How to Use a Sexy Fun Strawberry Chocolate Color Scheme

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In this color scheme we will explore a palette that is sexy, fun and for the adventurous only.
For this special color palette we will be using a strawberry mousse as the primary color and milk chocolate and a darker bitter chocolate for the secondary colors.
This will create a color palette that is beautiful and very simple.
When using a simple sleek palette like this you will first need to decide on the room that you will be using it on.
The first idea that may come to your mind is to use it in a bedroom, and that would be a great place to start.
However, you may also want to think about using this color scheme in a bathroom.
Next we will talk a little bit more about how to implement this luxurious color scheme.
My first recommendation is to use this simple and sleek color scheme in your bathroom.
If you are lucky enough to have a nice whirlpool bathtub in your bathroom then this is the color scheme for you.
When laying in your bath tub you will be able to look up at your simple relaxing strawberry mousse.
A great complement to these colors would be simple tea candles all around the bathroom.
When it comes to your bathroom you will need to use the secondary colors in accessories throughout the bathroom.
You could use a nice darker bitter chocolate color for the towels in your bathroom.
This simple idea will pull the brighter warmer strawberry color back into a little cooler color.
If you bathroom is tiled you can also add a floor rug that reflects the cooler secondary colors.
When designing a bathroom or any room for that matter you need to find easy simple ways that you can balance the cooler with the warmer colors.
Whether you add a floor rug or towels just look around your room and try to determine what can be easily replaced.
This idea of balancing will always make it look as if you are a master designer who knows exactly what they are doing.
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