How to Properly Walk Your Dog

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Walking a dog is not only a matter of exercise; in fact a dog that eats a reasonable ration of food and walks around the house and yard does not need much exercise.
A dog does not understand or care about exercise.
A lady with a forty eight acre piece of land wanted her dog trained but it did not have a collar.
She said her dog need not need one and did not need exercise either because it had all that bush to run around in.
When a dog is taken out for a walk, he does not care or understand exercise, he is like a wolf marking and checking out his territory.
Whether he is out with you or someone else he is cruising with the pack, checking out the chicks and whatever is new on the block.
When out for a walk they are like gang bangers, smelling and listening to the grape vine.
They walk about making sure their friends are all there safe and sound and their enemies too.
They take account of everything about them, the next door neighbor has a new cat, the poodle two houses down is in heat, his friend the boxer died.
Cars come and go, bicycles, children running and screaming.
It is a world full of movement, sounds and mainly smells; they are out exploring.
They are introduced to new humans, to new cars to new things on the block.
A new garbage bin or a motorcycle parked next door he had never seen or smelled before.
A new and noisy car, that frightens him when it roars by the first time.
It passes by the second time and he knows it is safe and won't hurt him.
Completely and totally concentrated on their surroundings, they pace down the street.
Suddenly a lamp post comes along and the obligated stop is made, but he is not urinating.
He is smelling and taking note of all the information found on that lamp post.
Through his sense of smell he can find out everything about all the dogs that urinated on the same place in several days time.
Sex, age, hierarchy in his pack; if a female he will know if she is in heat, when she was in heat the last time and when she had her last puppies.
He is a wild wolf marking and exploring his territory.
Dogs are social animals, in the wild they live in packs and have done so for thousands of years.
Dogs need to see the world, to meet other dogs and be friendly or foes.
They cannot be caged and isolated inside a yard or house for ever.
They are much like humans, they need to see and meet other dogs, see the world and what is out there waiting for them.
Imagine yourself without discovering and seeing all that is around you, living in a secluded world.
A dog must learn that there is something ore out there than the four walls in which you keep him.
That there is noise and danger and other dogs he can communicate with.
That there are many more humans and most of them are friendly to him.
He must not be afraid to go out into the world with you or someone else.
Walking your dog is part of his education and training.
A frightened dog is shameful and useless; you want a dog that walks proud and attentive to his surroundings.
This something you must train him to do and the way to do it is to walk down the street with him a couple times a week.
Share this with him and soon you will be proud to walk with each other down the street of any city or town.
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