How to Stay Motivated

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For anything you want to achieve in life, desire is the key to succeeding.
When you picture the outcome of your goal in your head, it has to fill you with an intense desire to achieve it.
Even if a goal is very easy to achieve, if the outcome doesn't create a burning desire inside you, you will not achieve it.
You have to make sure that all endeavors you pursue fill you with desire and excitement, allowing you to joyfully work towards the end result.
When the outcome is truly desirable, work will no longer feel like work.
When "work" becomes enjoyable, it is easy to turn it into an every day habit.
Working towards your goal every day will help ensure its achievement.
Desire is the flame.
If your goal was to boil a pot of water, a small flame would make it take a very long time.
The same is true with anything you want to achieve in life.
Have a small flame and you get little or no results.
The key to achieving what you want in life is to really figure out what it is that you want.
When you figure out what you want, the outcome will feel so desirable that it will be easy to motivate yourself into action.
Take action now by writing a list of things you would like to achieve.
Ask yourself what would make you feel good to have accomplished.
Picture your life as if you had already accomplished this goal, and how it would be.
Use these mental images to get your flame burning on high.
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