Dating Tips for Men - How to Handle Her Guy Friends

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With more and more people being able to stay connected and in touch even when they are on the go or move to different areas, it's becoming more common for men to find that they are meeting women with a large amount of guy friends. Now, we all have heard the cliches about not getting jealous just because a woman has guy friends, but when she has a lot of them, they all have her cell phone number, and they all can readily find her on Facebook, it becomes one of those easier said than done kind of things. Fact is, when you date a woman with a lot of guy friends, it's only natural that you are going to feel some kind of insecurity or intimidation.

You're a guy, so you probably have a pretty good clue on what her guy friends really are thinking. Especially when they send her text messages that are unmistakable, leave comments on her pictures that show their real desire... you know that they are hoping somewhere in the back of their mind that one day, they are going to get the opportunity to either hook up with her or have a relationship. Of course, not all of a woman's guy friends feel that way, but most of them probably do.

So, how can you handle a woman's guy friends and still come off as the cool and confident alpha male that you need to be?

First, you need to really see the picture for what it is. Most of these friends are more than likely guys who wanted to date her and entered the friend zone and they really don't have a clue on how to get out of it. That's a good thing for you. No matter how bad they may want her, as long as she sees them as being just a friend... they pretty much have no chance at all.

Don't try to compete with them... you don't have to!

Most of the time, you really never have to compete with them, so why bother? You want them to like you at least a little bit, so that they are not talking behind your back (they will) and so they don't try and block you at every opportunity they can get. Hey, if you really want to show off the fact that you can handle it well, invite them along some time.

Be aware of reality.

The other thing that you need to do if you want to date a woman with a lot of guy friends is, be AWARE of reality. By that I mean, if she has a 'friend' that seems to come over and hang out with her on Friday nights... late at night... chances are he's a friend she fools around with. Yeah, there are some exceptions, just be aware that they are exceptions and not the rule. Sometimes, there are situations where you are forced to compete with another guy, and those are times when you may want to bow out and find a woman who's a little less complicated.
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