Internet Marketing and The Obsession with Google

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Whenever someone enters the field of Internet marketing for the first time, all they seem to hear about is "how to get into Google", "how to get a good page rank at Google", and similar topics.

All the "experts" and "Internet marketing gurus" cannot seem to open their mouths, or type on their keyboards, without talking about Google. It's almost as if there were no other search engines or the ones that DO exist DON'T COUNT!

Let's think about something for a moment. Let's think about niche marketing.

You know, when someone first begins to learn about Internet marketing, they are told to concentrate on a "niche market" because they will have little or no chance going head-to-head with larger, more established and professional sites.

Well, on Google, those are exactly the sites that dominate even the so-called "niche markets" and the keywords that work best with them. This leaves a new Intenet marketer with hardly any opportunity to dominate anything, no matter how much they shell out to learn the ins and outs of Internet marketers who specialize in selling old info to new people!

However, there is still hope!

Google may be the biggest, but it is not the only fish in the sea. There are lots of other search engines and directories out there, and millions of people are using them daily to find information and products online. In fact, one of the first search engines that many will be exposed to will actually be MSN. Many will continue to use that search engine/directory for a long while, and many others have figured this out and make a good living working to get a good page ranking for their website on MSN and other, smaller, and less well known search engines and directories.

Yeah, it's great to get a reasonably high page rank on Google, if you can, but it's often easier to get an even higher rank on some of these other search engines. In fact, a great page rank on some of them can produce more traffic, and more sales, than a "pretty good" page rank on Google...which is about all that most of us can hope for.

So, don't just concentrate on "getting into" Google. Why not try "getting up there" with MSN and other search engines and directories?
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