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The Story of the Lost Cello

Know yourselves, know your worth, know your value... so that we can all fill this world with the most exquisite melodies of lives fulfilled, of lives that have reached their full potential.After a concert, Peter Stumf, the principal cellist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, visited a friend

Stretch Your Comfort Zone

Life is an ever-changing series of events - we all know that. Often, we come to a place in our lives where things are very comfortable, and quite honestly, we would be happy if everything ...

The Ascension Process and the Internet

I came across a helpful description of the Ascension process currently underway that compares Ascension with the Internet. This article compares the two processes, deepens understanding of the Ascension process, and describes the current misconceptions that can trip one up.

Is Your Soulmate Still Stuck Back in Your Past Life?

As a Soul Healing practitioner I have encountered countless situations where someone can't move on in this life and find a partner, and what I've found is a relationship from a past life is blocking them. It's not necessarily just that you have bad luck in relationships or that you do

When Talking To Yourself Out Loud Helps

Did you ever have a problem or emotion that was so upsetting you wanted to call your best friend because you needed a friendly ear? But what happens if no one answers? Don't get stuck with your feelin

How Do People Benefit From Listening to a Hypnosis Money MP3?

If you want more money in your life, sometimes the easiest solution is to change the way your mind thinks about money. You and your mind aren't the same thing and sometimes they go in different ways. Learn how solving money problems might have more to do with your thinking, than you think.

Of Courage and Greatness

Courage is something that is reflected and reciprocated, and is by no means, inherent. When we are ordinary, we are morally ample and when we are surreal, we are audacious. The need for temerity is a...

The Master Key to Happiness - The Capacity to Choose

Life is not hard and life is not easy. Life simply is. Sometimes it meets our expectation, we say life is good; sometimes it does not, we say life is bad. One thing is certain, life will not change to comply with our desires but we can grow and get to see life for the wonderful gift that it is.

The Language of Confidence

The language we use programs our brains. Mastering our language gives us a great degree of mastery over our lives and our destinies. It is important to use language in the best way possible in ...

Help Cure Needle Phobia

Being terrified of needles is a painful experience.The fear is usually more painful than anything that might be done with the needle.We all know this but when you are in the grip of a fear or phobia the force of logic sadly dwindles and diminishes.